My Clandestine Journey to Support Secret Priests Behind the Iron Curtain

My latest book Abandoned by the Vatican is an intriguing, unusual, and heart-wrenching story about secret priests behind the Iron Curtain.  When I met them, they had just been released from prisons and concentration camps and in their words were finally “coming back from the grave.”

But the book goes further than my remembrances of helping them.  The book also deals with the serious question of what happened to the secret priests when the communist governments fell. How did the Vatican treat the secret priests and the underground churches?  What happened to bishops and priests who collaborated with the communists?  And worse: were those who had betrayed the Catholic Church punished?  Read the book description and see the pictures accompanying the book’s narrative: a description of the Iron Curtain and how escape was nearly impossible, the photos of some of the secret priests whom the author met, and the unexpected communist approved Solemn High Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve 1969.

Coming in 2017:


In the 1650s, driven by a vicious hatred for Rome and everything Catholic, the fanatical Puritan Sir Oliver Cromwell had conquered Ireland. He had promised fertile Irish farmland to the wealthy noblemen who had paid for his wars, but first he has to transplant the Irish landowners and their families to Barbados and a life of slavery.

As 17 year old Declan O’Farrell and his family are forced onto the slave ships, he vows to take revenge and reunite his family. Cromwell’s soldiers had murdered his father and his 10 year old brother.  His other brother, 12 year old Brendan, is sold to a gay London haberdasher as his toy boy. His mother is sold as a house maid, then shipped to Virginia as a field slave, and sold again as a nanny. Maeve, his 13 year old sister, becomes the slave mistress of a Barbados planter, then is abandoned to his stud farm to produce mulatto slaves for him.

Declan slaves in the hot sugar cane fields of Barbados. His yearning to reunite his family boils daily and his anger deepens. He seeks opportunities for revenge and undertake the impossible goal of uniting his family again. Memories to Be Forgotten tells the historically possible story of how Declan could accomplish this goal. Chances are that he will not be successful.