How the Catholic Church Became Naughty…

And the Real Hindrance to Reform

This book is an expansion on Pope Francis’s admonition to his inner governing circle, the Vatican Curia, and traces this naughtiness from the time of Emperor Constantine, who converted to Christianity in the early fourth century and gave the Church palaces, basilicas, riches, and a noble lifestyle. The book is a short journey through the lascivious and corruption-filled history of these church leaders—their torture of nonbelievers, selling of indulgences and church offices, concubinage, partnering with evil kings and rulers—ending with the 20th – century Vatican Bank frauds, the money-laundering for Mafia and  Mason crimes, the betrayal of the Church, and the sexual abuse of children scandal. What conscience could justify such naughtiness?

These popes, cardinals, and bishops of the Catholic Church are and have been the Real Hindrance to Reform with their peculiar Vatican mindset of clericalism, arrogance, and exaggerated self-estimation of their superiority over everyone and everything. It has been evolving for 1,700 years. This short book is not a denunciation of the Catholic Church, but a ray of hope that the Vatican will make the deep changes that are necessary for the survival of Catholicism.

Only a priesthood that includes married, celibate, male, and female priests with a non-clerical mindset will bring about the needed reform of the Catholic Church—not the Pope alone, nor the regressive Vatican mindset of clericalism ingrained in present-day church leaders.